Meet the Artist

My name is Vivecca Chatila and I am the creator of COLORHOLICA.

COLORHOLICA is the product of my creativity and my desperate need for positivity and light in times of darkness. She exists to encourage, inspire and motivate those who are struggling through life with a mental illness, chronic pain or  just anyone who needs a little ray of sunshine! She is a warrior, using rainbows as her weapon of choice to fight against negativity.

I’m not sure where COLORHOLICA’s path will lead, but right now, she is mainly on Instagram/Facebook, spreading positive messages and sprinkling glitter everywhere she goes….


Vivecca Chatila Malkoun is a self-proclaimed multi-faceted creative force. She is a published writer, photographer and artist living in Lebanon (Middle East, not Ohio). She’s been obsessed with everything rainbow since she was 5 and is an avid collector of sprinkles, glitter and ice strays. Wanna know more? Email her your best positive quote at